Wednesday, June 24, 2009

She sells seashells by the seashore

Well not really by the seashore but I got this seashell planter here in Iowa of all places! I found a new consignment shop in Cedar Rapids called STUFF. They have 4 locations in the Cedar Rapids and Iowa City area.

I picked this up for $2.99 and really love the texture of it.

Here it is on the side of my fireplace mantle with some of my old wicker covered bottles I have been collecting for 10 years or so.

I went out to my garden and picked some hosta, honeysuckle, and porcelain vine leaves for a fresh natural look.

I love the simplicity of the leaves, but you could add white daisies, yellow sweet peas or even blue salvia if you want an added pop of color. Tuck in a small flag for the Fourth of July.

The rope ball I picked up at Walmart of all places!
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stefanie said...

walmart always has suprises, thanks for visiting me

Janie's World said...

You've really put together a nice little vignette! I love the fresh plants in the shell. It looks wonderful.

Susie from Bienvenue said...

True love~ What makes it even better are the touches right out of your garden! Sweet~

kimmcl said...

I love seashells too. I just added some to my Master Bathroom to give it a coastal feel. I seems so much cleaner in there now. Great find!!

Vanessa said...

Wow!! I bought one exactly like yours last week for only .99 cents at a thrift shop. I plan on puting a plant in it too. Now I know it looks great!!!

Linda said...

How can anyone NOT love seashells - mmmmm - the beach! Isn't it fun to find good stuff at Walmart?! I got some wicker chargers there that I love and use every day. Linda