Saturday, April 10, 2010

needing help

Hello bloggers,

We are redoing our laundry room soon and a few years ago I came across a photo of a black and white vintage inspired laundry room.

She had slim cupboards built into several walls and I am guessing they were about 6" deep and lined them with pegboard and shelves inside to hold paint cans, paintbrushes, tools, dog leashes etc. They were built out of wainscotting and had large iron strap hinges I think on the outside.

The washer and dryer were an under counter model topped with a counter top and I think a ticking curtain hiding them. Vintage dog prints were on the walls and an industrial wall light on each side.

Does anyone know where to find this photo and the source? I am wanting to built something similar to this in our back entry way to hold tools, cans of paint, etc.

I've tried searching and am having no luck.