Monday, July 13, 2009

Got a few spare windows?

If you have a few spare windows lying around..why not hang them!

Here they are suspended on picture hanging wire.

One is used for the shelf with which to put all sorts of pretties on it. Love the white birdcage!

The second window is hung as the vignette's backdrop.


Blondie's Journal said...

This is very cool!! They really don't make windows like this anymore so it may be easy to find them at salvage yards,etc. The picture is inspiring!! :-)


Beth said...

Ooooo, maybe I'll hang the window project I just did from picture wire. What a great idea!

Jessica and Duglas said...

Ohhhh just looking at the window makes my stomach turn...a few years ago we bought a house and the garage was full of all these old windows (there were at least 30 of them) and we took them to the dump! I didn't want to but hubby wanted to clean out the garage and I didn't know what to do with seeing what a loving job you did makes me wish I had all 30 of my windows back!