Monday, April 20, 2009

store displays

A great combination of floral containers like urns, water cans, weather baskets and crocks.
Make your own "mossy" containers by doing the following:

Dig up a little moss and dirt from along the north side of your flower beds (or your neighbor's) with buttermilk in a blender. Then simply, paint on your clay pots. Wait a week or two and you should have "new" moss growing on your pots.

Hang herbs and flowers to dry with white string wrapped around the base of the stem. Add a loop to hang them from on an old weathered barn board. I simply hang them from the rafters in my garage to dry. I do this with german statice, baby's breath and anything else I want to dry. It's a cool, dry and dark place that works perfectly to dry your florals.

Spray your old metal chairs with a vibrant shade of sunny yellow or bright red for a unexpected pop of color in your garden or near your front door. Love those vintage chairs. They are even make new chairs now to look like these old chairs!