Friday, April 3, 2009

Mary Carol Garrity is one of my favorites....

How about some classic molding in your dining room with these blue walls? I love all the textures she has added in the room and the pleated seatcovers.

Spring weather makes me want to take a tray full of goodies and dine about you? Notice the rustic vine tray with the more formal dinnerware, a great combination--rustic & elegant!
Polish off your silver trays and let them sparkle in the warm sun. Pick up a single stem rose---just because!

A perfect way to dress the table for a springtime luncheon. Chocolate, cream and lime green...what a fabulous combination. Notice the bamboo chairs, they are making a comeback in decorating. I am seeing lots of bamboo trays, end tables, mirrors in the decorating world.

Grab your grandmothers crystal cake plate and serve up this luscious lemon dessert. Try one of the lemon recipes from my earlier won't be disappointed!

All photos courtesy of Mary Carol Garrity.


Sarah Mae said...

Ooooh, I love lemon desserts!

You are not a bad mom! Come on! I personally love nursing...but I do feel like a cow! :)

niartist said...

Fantastic blog! Love these table vignettes, but especially the chocolate with that beautiful spring green and bamboo chairs! Great eye for inspiration pics!

Tara said...

Gorgeous photos! thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a sweet comment! I am off to venture through yours! Have a wonderful day Natalie~