Thursday, May 28, 2009

I'm heading south next weekend!

I am heading south to Atchison,Kansas!

If you have never been here before it is a MUST! I repeat a MUST!!!! She has several stores in Atchison and 1 huge store in Kansas City, Missouri. Her stores are absolutely to die for. Here is what I found on her website

Nell Hill's - Atchison

The thrill of the hunt is part of the adventure at the original Nell Hill’s, where the pursuit of a great accessory at a great price is part of the excitement. Every visit here is a different indulgence, as each floor is redecorated, restocked, and reinvented to accommodate a never-ending flow of new seasonal accents and accessories. Discover why 75,000 visitors a year report that visiting this cozy, comfortable shop is like going to one big party.

Don’t miss our first summer open house ever! My historic home and garden in Atchison will be dressed up for the season, filled with wonderful displays I hope will inspire you to unlock your own creativity this season. Get loads of ideas for summer entertaining, leave with new tips for summer decorating and ask Master Gardeners Gloria and Lynda how to enhance your own garden. Visit the merchandise tent in my side yard and Nell Hill’s and Garrity’s for everything you’ll need to create a sensational look at your home this summer.


Tracey McBride said...

This sounds like such fun!! I love Nell Hill...she is most definitely a kindred spirit!! Have a wonderful trip.

Lorie said...

Have a great trip

Gollum said...

I have all of her books. I can't wait to hear about your trip!!!

Anonymous said...

Sounds wonderful, have a great time!

Joan said...

When I had a store one of my employees used to live near and shop at Nell Hill. She was an great fan of the store and talked about it all of the time! xo Joan

its so very cheri said...

You just stopped by my blog It's So Very Cheri. Guess what I just moved from KS and know alllllll about her stores---FAB-U-LOUS- The shops are soooo wonderful. My sister bought all of her fall Bunko gifts from her stores-don't you just know EVERY girl loved their gift.

Camilla at home said...

I have some of her books and would really like to visit some of shops, though it would be a pretty long journey:) Have a happy weekend!