Saturday, February 28, 2009

Make your own Lemon Lime Centerpieces

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I found this quick & easy lemon lime centerpiece on website. Click on the step by step for more information. Photo courtesy of Glenna J. Morton.

Lemon Lime Centerpiece
This colorful centerpiece smells wonderful...

Fresh lemons and limes give this centerpiece a fresh spring look and smell.

Holiday centerpiece photography © 2001 by Glenna J. Morton, About's Interior Decorating Guide
Photo by Glenna J. Morton

We simply added 8 yellow mums and a few clippings of leather fern, for an arrangement that will last many days if wilted flowers are replaced or removed as needed.

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Lemon Lime Centerpiece
• Bowl, platter, or tray
• 24 small lemons and limes (or enough for your container)
• 8-12 flowers
• 3 stems leather leaf, cut up

Arrange fruit in your container.

Next, cut the flower stems to about 3-6" long and insert between the fruit. Note: Ripening fruit can cause fresh flowers to wilt so be sure to add flowers only an hour or so before your party.

Clip 3 stems of leather leaf into shorter sprigs and insert between the fruit, around the rim of the bowl.

Tip: Flowers may last several hours without water. To make an arrangement last longer, fill the bottom of the bowl with water and cut flower stems long enough to reach down to the water. Or, use clear floral water tubes for each flower stem, inserting both a flower and a leaf sprig into the tube.

See step-by-step photos of this centerpiece on website.